The Rise of Bhaal APK v0.4.3 Adult Android Game Download

Gehenna: The Rise of Bhaal APK v0.4.3 Adult Android Game Download

Every 1000 years the Ruler of Gehenna has to pay for all human race sins getting the most painful blow from the “upper one”. Lucifer, the King of Gehenna, finds a loophole and choose to escape this fate leaving the role of Ruler to Bhaal, his son. Since his power is not so big, in the day of the Judgement, Bhaal could lose his life becoming completely annihilated by the divine power. Helped by his sister Ullene, he will discover his father’s masterplan, and he will have to travel to the Earth and find a way to escape his fate.​


Engine Upgrade: Now the game won’t crash on battles (Happened on Windows XPVistaSeven)​

Main plot progress: For you bad school grades you become a Nephilim​

New adult scene added: Alice (the Secretary)​

Injected new class: Nephilim​

Improved compatibility for Linux (fluid gameplay)​

Reduced lag from mobile (Android)​

Injected Treasure Hud when getting an Item​

Injected first romancing session with Alice​

Edited character classes​

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